India TV first Decide who it’s promoting : Narendra Modi or Itself !

From the past few days, Rajat Sharma’s India TV is showing an Advertisement, wherein the viewers are being told that the Aap Ki Adalat shows featuring Narendra Modi and Raj Thackeray have broken all viewership records. And now Aap Ki Adalat has become the Top viewership show in India, far surpassing its competitors.

India TV must first Decide who it’s promoting : Narendra Modi , or Itself !

As, if Narendra Modi’s  episode brought record viewership, then the credit goes to Modi. If the credit for high viewership goes to Aap Ki Adalat , then it’s totally unnecessary to mention the names of Narendra Modi or Raj Thackeray.  As in that case, the viewers will assume that the show will maintain that top viewership in future episodes as well, irrespective of who answers Rajat Sharma’s questions.

What India TV is doing with this Ad is deceptive advertising. Where it’s indirectly promoting Modi and Thackery. And Jaitley too.

Here’s another instance of misinformation by Indiatv. Today , Indiatv is informing the viewers that in an election rally yesterday, RJD Leader Lalu Prasad Yadav attacked BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. That’s not unusual about the reporting. The unusual thing is — the report also informs the viewers that Laloo Prasad got angry with the flower decoration on the stage. And he ordered the organisers to remove those lotus flowers. It you regularly watch India TV, the “lotus flower decoration on stage” news is more than a week old. Indiatv cleverly appended that news to yesterday’s report. What will you call such reporting?