India TV showing Confessions of Abdul karim Tunda as “Reconstruction”

India TV showing Confessions of Abdul karim Tunda as “Reconstruction”. “Natya Roopantaran” in Hindi is not Good enough for the Channel.


Every time someone raises the point of media censorship in India, the media opposes it on the “Freedom of Expression” grounds. But if the Indian media, especially the Indian Electronic media, resists any censorship attempts from outside, then it should have some self regulatory mechanism in place. Which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be existing.

Hindi News Channel uses “Reconstruction” Disclosure Tag (yes, in English language)


Take for instance, the reports on the Abdul karim Tunda, arrested only yesterday. TV channels like IndiaTV are broadcasting hour long programmes on the so called master bomb maker and the man behind 40 bomb blasts in India. What is unfortunate about these reports is that they are not only showing the same half a dozen pictures & video clippings with an hour long voice over; but they are also showing “Reconstructions” ( ‘Natya Roopantaran’ in Hindi) based on what the News channel sees as a fact or made to show as fact or has been told by its sources in contact with the Police.

In the worst case scenario, it may also be that the channel is actually showing pure lies in the disguise of  “Reconstruction”.

Ironically enough, India TV, a Hindi News channel is showing the disclosure tag in English — ”Reconstruction”; when all logic says the disclosure must be in Hindi, as “Natya Roopantaran” .

Abdul karim Tunda’s Confessions as “Reconstruction”


This is really wrong.  Don’t know why channels like India TV rely on such deceptive measures (deceptive to viewers who don’t know what reconstruction means, and take the reconstruction as Tunda making the real confessions). But this is morally wrong. Who knows,  how much we perceive of Tunda or how much of the bits fed by Indian police to media sources, is actually true.  That apart, such sort of reporting is also akin to unnecessarily rattling the viewers.