India votes on ideology… Hence Think on it!

Let I clear one thing right now:

I think, the sting operation which is being used to nail Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is quite shallow and AAP’s demand for full video transcript is justified. It’s quite illogical for TV channels to show 8 minutes of footage and leave the rest of 100 minutes. But at the same time, I also think that a party such as AAP, should have been more transparent and upright in their fund collection. Taking funds without a receipt, is unacceptable; especially when AAP wants to set high standards for others.

With this let’s come to the topic of today’s post.

India votes on ideology… Hence Think on it!

The spy cam videos of AAP member Kumar Vishwas and AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi once again proved that Corruption is a non-issue in India. The reason for this is: Corrpution is Systemic and societal in India. This means that if the goal is Good, people rarely think about the means. AAP collecting funds without receipts is an excellent example of this.

Hence, whatever be the scenario, only a miniscule section of people will vote on the questions of corruption, price rise or the clean image of a candidate. Nearly all the voters will vote on ideology.

To understand better,

  • If you believe in BJP’s Hindutva ideology, you will vote for BJP (irrespective of who the candidate is)
  • If you believe in India for Hindus only, you will vote for BJP.
  • If You believe in ideology other than BJP, Chances are you will be voting for Congress. Or some will vote for SP, BSP, and other regional parties.
  • If you can’t stand BJP, you will vote for Congress.

You may see this as over simplification, but India normally votes this way. Hence, it’s important that as a voter you question your ideology on these broader questions. They may look too general to some people; but in an election where people vote on ideology, questions like corruption, Transparency, clean image go in the back ground. This results in a situation where people will vote BJP even when it has its share of corruption. Same applies for the Congress.

If you are serious about your vote in Delhi, MP or later in LS Polls 2014, do question yourself about your ideology. Don’t be a floating vote (undecided vote), as a floating vote is often fooled by bigger parties. That apart a floating vote can never give a conclusive verdict.