Indian Army Orchestrating debate by Commending Major Leetul Gogoi

When people are fed with information concoctions, they usually get confused. When they are confused they argue. To understand the reality better, people need to pay attention to the information being fed. Right now, why Indian Army commended Major Leetul Gogoi.

Yesterday, we came to know that the Army major who tied a Kashmiri man to jeep as human shield has been honoured with Army chief”s commendation card. According to Amy Officials, the commendation card for Major Leetul Gogoi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles was given for “sustained efforts” in counter insurgency operations.

From the various reports, it can be assumed that Major Leetul Gogoi has not been awarded for tying a man to the bonnet of an army jeep with a placard in Budgam of Jammu and Kashmir, on April 9 2017. He has been awarded for his “sustained efforts” in counter insurgency operations. But for some reasons this minor but important point has been left unclear.

Because not many readers will pick this small but important point, hence the news report has a power to divide people and make them argue vehemently. We will talk about the timing and the necessity of this commendation card later, right now we can assume that an argument on this topic divides debaters in Pro and Anti-Indian Army Factions. That’s if you support Major Gogoi for using a human shield, then a commendation card helps you strengthen your argument. On contrary, if you see the use of human shield wrong, then you can use commendation card for your argument as well. Although, in the latter case, you will easily be tagged as Anti-Indian Army and Anti-National.

That said, ever since yesterday the news is made public, the primary news reports gave way to secondary news articles. These articles gave way to people opinion. Later on in the evening, various TV Channels started debating the people opinions. Thus by today, what we have is a mixture of information. A mixture which wants us to believe in two diametrically opposite things at the same time. Call it politics, but we’re being put in a state of confusion: A confusion where a common person doesn’t know why in the first place Major Gogoi has received a commendation card — For his continued counter insurgency efforts or; for his April 9 2017 Action.

The timing and the necessity of this commendation card to Major Gogoi

Now lets talk about the timing and the necessity of this commendation card to Major Gogoi.

The timing of the Commendation card seems premature or guided by contingent needs (you can call it political needs) of the Government. Someone wielding the power is creating and feeding us these information concoctions. There’s some sure intent to keep the situation as hazy as possible.

Some of these facts reported, may help us understand the timing better.

The Indian Army has commended its Officer when an FIR registered by the Jammu and Kashmir police against the security forces is already pending. That apart, the Court of Inquiry constituted by Indian Army is already on, and a report is pending.

That apart, questions have been raised not only within India, but also outside, regarding the violation of human rights in the use of a Human shield on April 9.

In short, what’s this urgency of commending an officer whose conduct is already under scanner.

To conclude, while the confusion serves those with vested interests, it does no good to the common person.  Ever since yesterday, the confusion surrounding the Commendation card has divided the divided lot even more.

You have every right to hold any opinion on this matter, but those who are against the use of human shield by Indian Army, are not doing so for some mischievous reason. Their logic is simple: Disciplined Armies are expected to function in a dignified manner by strictly following the rule book. If a respected Force starts resorting to the means used by arsonists, stone pelters or mobs; then how will it differentiate itself from them.