Defense Personnel in Uniform must NOT Address Public

We cannot say which Government has started this tradition of Defense Personnel in Uniform conducting Press Conferences for Public, but the tradition must end.

Have you ever thought about why grown up men and women in Police, Defense, Security, Medical etc. professions wear Uniforms?

In case some of us didn’t thought about this Uniform question, then let I tell you the reason why you see people in certain defense personnel, press conference, uniform effect on people, indian army politicalprofessions wear uniforms. Actually, a Uniform increases the Compliance. In simple, this means that the moment a common man like us sees a person in Uniform we instantly trust what he is saying and we follow the orders or directions given by him. Because of this reason we instantly follow the orders of a Private Security guard in a Uniform working in a parking lot.

To sum up, we are far more willing to trust a person in Uniform, than someone who doesn’t wear one.

This brings us to the point of this editorial.

For many years now, we are seeing Defense Forces personnel (mainly Army Officers) holding press Conferences telecast live on TV News Channels. These Defense personnel are addressing public though media on topics ranging from infiltration attempt to terrorist attack to work culture in Defense Forces etc. Irrespective of the intent, the Uniform has its effect on people. It is the same effect discussed above.

We cannot say which Government has started this tradition (and we must not be bothered about that as well now), but the tradition must end.

India is not a military state. We are a people state (people rule the country), hence such press Conferences must be conducted by people’s representatives. For instance, the Home Minister or some official in the Ministry of Home Affairs must conduct such press conferences. Bringing Uniform to such public briefings will help people understand the situation better.