Indian Doctors Prefer Homecoming to treat Ebola patients In Nigeria

Four Indian doctors, who claim they are being forced to treat Ebola patients against their will in Nigeria, want to return home and appealed to the Indian government to facilitate this. Their families are sitting outside the External Affairs ministry in Delhi. Some of them are sitting in TV Channel studios. And they will not budge from these places, until the Government doesn’t assure them the homecoming of their dear ones.

The Abuja-based Indian private hospital Primus where they are working, meanwhile, appealed to them not to abandon their duties. The Indian High Commission in Nigeria is also in touch with the four doctors and Primus hospital so that both sides could arrive at an amicable solution.

A doctor who is not willing to Treat patients… A soldier who is not willing to sacrifice his life at the borders … What kind of citizens we are proving ourselves to be? What kind of sense of duty and sense of patriotism we have? Does patriotism in India only limited to big words?

Every time a soldier dies on the border, Every time a professional (like in this case) is stranded in some other country; the family members sit on a dharna, Fast, TV Channel — with the photos of the deceased or the missing. And don’t budge unless the country comes to its knees. When will this blackmailing be stopped?

This will look apathetic to some, but it’s the responsibility of every professional to inform his family about the duties, exigencies and responsibilities of his job. The families of a doctor must know he has to treat even those patients who can put his life in peril. He must tell his family what oath he has taken.