Is Indian Govt. Busy creating ‘Desh ka Vikas’ dialer tone for mobiles?

Day before yesterday I received an SMS from my Telecom provider informing me :

Dear Customer, as instructed by Govt. of India, ‘Desh ka Vikas’ dialer tone is now available on 56xxxx91, you can choose the same free of cost. Rentals apply.

What? Is Government of India busy creating dialer tones for mobile phones? (Although not a surprise, going by their idea of Lucky Draw)

That too in association with a telecom service provider, who will be more than interested in sending this message to all its subscribers (Remember! Rentals apply.)

What if I or other mobile service subscribers choose the ‘Desh ka Vikas’ dialer tone; who will benefit from the move? People? That too by opting for ‘Desh ka Vikas’ dialer tone on mobile!

In short run, following Govt. instructions will only mean losing at least Rs. 30 multiplied by 12 or Rs. 360 in the next 12 months.

FYI be aware of this caller tune. If you have a mobile phone, you will surely receive a similar SMS. After all the makers have to at least break-even on their investment (no profit no loss situation).