What Indian Startups like Ezetap, ClickNow, Flipkart teach Us!

The variety of businesses one can set up online is increasing. And we Indians are not limiting ourselves to just website development, content creation, affiliate marketing or application development. We have started thinking creative with respect to businesses online. Just like the brick and mortar businesses of the real world, we have started implementing on our online pursuits the Wisdom : Where there’s a Need, there’s a Business.

Just a day or two ago, Indigenous e-retailer Flipkart (who started the same day delivery ahead of Amazon India, in India ) announced the acquisition of the online Fashion retailer, the Myntra. Notably, Flipkart, the e-commerce site started by a couple of guys from the fields of technology, marketing, sales, began with selling books, and later reached to a stage where it’s selling almost every product under the Sun. At present Flipkart sells a book every 15 seconds. Flipkart is believed to be paying Rs 2000 crores for Myntra.

Yesterday, another Indian startup , Clicknow is acquired by mobile point of sale provider , Bangalore based Ezetap. What ‘mobile point of sale provider’ means? Simple, if you see product for retail on your mobile, then you can buy the product from the mobile itself. Some ads on TV are already boasting this ability — choose and buy a product directly from your Mobile. Clicknow is a Hyderabad based startup that builds technology which can help merchants understand customer behavior and present offers on mobile phones. Ezetap plans to use the expertise of Clicknow to help merchants create their own offers, engage with existing loyal customers and drive repeat visits, said Abhijit Bose, chief executive of Ezetap. this Ezetap hopes will increase its business, as small and medium merchants will be given the loyalty based services at a low price. In addition, the Clicknow platform will also help merchants analyse anonymous transaction data and target consumers according to past purchases, propensity to buy, location and lifetime value. That’s if you purchased a striped T-shirt more often, then you will be given offers of striped T-shirts. Thus the Ezetap and Clicknow combined expertise will offer your buying history to mobile offers and retails.

The platform also allows issuers of cards to define and present offers to their cardholders when they transact with Ezetap merchant based on their profile and transaction history.

Although engineers are more suited to start such big start-ups, but Flipkart and Just-Dial are an excellent examples of non-technical entrepreneurs making something big. If engineers have technical expertise, then a marketer or a sales guy also has skills which an engineer doesn’t have. Thus the situation evenly balanced. All one has to do is look for an idea and act in a timely manner. That’s too much ideating is not good. Over ideating, that’s trying to think too much on the idea itself kills the enthusiasm to Act. Plan properly and get the idea implemented.

About Clicknow

Clinknow was co founded last year by BITS Pilani graduates Abhishek Nayak and Arpit Mohan, who had previously founded Gharpay in 2011 which let e-commerce companies collect cash payments.