Indian Tablet Market 2012

Indian Tablet market 2012, not only saw iconic Apple tablet, the iPaad, but also a slew of tablets from Chinese and Indian device makers. For Indian Tablet market 2012, Micromax and Karbonn, held a second and third position in Indian Tablet market. Samsung held the Top position. This was reflected in CY 2012 highlights of CMR research. Samsung has been able to maintain the lead in the market only because of the first-mover advantage with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II. But the lead will not be sustainable as the Phablet (Phone+Tablet) category formed by Samsung, with its Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, has attracted both Chinese and Indian players at entry level; and Apple at the Top Level.

Samsung, Micromax and Apple emerged market leaders with 72 vendors shipping tablets in India during the year.

Other Key insights provided by the CMR research are:

1) Android is the dominant Operating System. iOS following with Windows is gaining ground.

2) Samsung Note has registered inception of a new segment, ‘Phablets’. Phone+Tablet=Phablet.

3) Datawind’s Low budget Aakash2 tablet, launched at the United Nations in November 2012 has been has been in the top 3 positions (third largest player) in the seven inch Tablet category for the two consecutive quarters in the Indian market.

4) In fourth quarter (October-December) 2012, India sold 1.09 million tablets for the period, which accounted for 35.33% of the total shipments for the entire year. Shipments for the full CY 2012 clocked 3.11 million units or 31 Lakh units. The tablet market in India is substantially growing. In 2012, the second half pf teh year accounted for over 70% of the total sales.

5) In 2012, ‘Phablets’ constituted around 16.5% of total sales of Tablets and this trend is expected to strengthen in the coming quarters.

6) February 2013 has seen the resurgent Micrmax and Karbonn aggressively grabbing space in phablet market with the launch of Canvas HD (A116) and Titanium 1Smart phablets respectively. Karbonn Mobiles launched the Karbonn Titanium 1Smart – India’s first quad-core CPU smartphone. The device is powered by powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Micromax also launched Canvas HD (A116), a phablet which went on sale last month. The phone comes with MediaTek’s quad-core processor.

7) In India, Phablet is a distinct category from Tablets. And the Research hopes to see a distinct and Phablet category, in 2013 numbers.