Because We are Good People living in a Great Country!

It is human to oppose any acts of mob lynching or cold blooded murder. In a modern World there is no place for instant justice. Good human beings don’t take part or endorse instant justice (where people or a group of people take upon the role of judges; decide on the punishment and deliver it instantly).

Good people not only loathe any form of instant justice, they also lend their voice in opposition to it.

Yogi Adityanath Uttar Pradesh, cow vigilantism, baradari, love vigilantism, banana republic indiaThat is why, good people oppose violence and violations emanating from the concept of instant justice, such as religious persecution, vigilantism such as cow vigilantism, love vigilantism (self-appointed group of people acting without legal authority publicly punishing young people in love with each other) and; terrorism of any kind.

Good people don’t compare Apples with oranges.

Good people don’t create facts out of no where.

Good people don’t blow up numbers.

Cow slaughter may be aspired (a goal that should be aimed for) to be banned in a country. The country may successfully ban it. But will that mean a human being can be lynched for keeping, carrying, selling or eating beef?

This is an important question, as even in a blanket ban situation, the maximum sentence a culprit gets is a life sentence. Even if there is a legal provision of a death sentence, will that death sentence be instantly awarded and delivered by a mob?

Will we support any country awarding death sentence to a human being killing an animal or for eating some meat banned in that country?

The answer will be a NO.

Any country which does so will be called a banana republic (where there is no law and order, or correct perspective of it, and hence a rule of mob).

Good people will have no doubts in calling such a country a banana republic.

No well thinking human being wants to live in a banana republic.

The Meat shop owner, named Salim Qureshi, in Uttar Pradesh’s Baradari area, who was reportedly beaten up by 2 UP police constables for allegedly selling cow meat died on June 23, 2018, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Since we are not some banana republic, hence
the local police has filed an FIR against the accused policemen and has initiated a probe into the case. And rightly so.

Since we are not some banana republic, we ourselves count the number of inter-religious couples first and; then when we hardly find any; We do not shout from our roof tops “Jove Jihad”!

At the end of the day — We are Good People.