Indians Must Walk or cycle to workplace for Better Health

A new Study by Researchers from Imperial College London and the Public Health Foundation of India, has an advice for Indians: Indians Must Walk or cycle to workplace for Better Health.

The study found that Indian citizens, who go to their workplace either by cycling or walking, are less likely to be overweight or obese, or suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure. Those who take Publis transportation Like Metro, buses etc. are also found to have better health.

The Study was conducted with almost 4,000 participants.

Below are the Study Findings, with regard to the mode of transport chosen, and effects on Health:

1) 68.3 per cent of people in rural areas cycled
2) 11.9 per cent walked to their workplace
3) 15.9 per cent cycled to workplace
4) 12.5 per cent walked in urban areas
5) 50 per cent of people who travelled to work by private transport and 38 per cent who took public transport were overweight, compared with only 25 per cent of people who walked or cycled to work. Similar patterns were found with respect to High blood pressure and diabetes.

Advice: The study advises that Indians can get the necessary exercise to remain Healthy by building physical activity into their travel to work. yes, if done, there’s no need to go to Gym.

Why Indians Don’t Cycle or Walk to their Work?

1) One reason is: India doesn’t have safe infrastructure with respect to Cycling and Walking. The entire breadths of roads are occupied by motorised traffic. Even those people who want to walk or cycle to work, can’t do so, as there’s always a possibility of some fast moving vehicle brushing them down.

2) Least care for Traffic Rules: Vehicles overtake from any direction — Right or Left. This makes roads unsafe for not even the cyclists and the walkers, but also for other vehicles.

3) Too many two wheelers.

Will You go to your work tomorrow, on foot or on cycle?