Info Media hid from you about Ramjas anti-national slogans and Gorakhpur incident

In our last article we discussed why we must believe that the majority of Media in India has become pro-Government. One of the primary reasons behind this assumption is an observation. The observation is quite simple, the moment this section of media finds the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre and BJP Governments in states, in some problem, it immediately springs up into action and dons the role of a savior, actively looking for some scapegoat. This media runs hour long shows raising aspersions on the person, it wants to make a scapegoat. It runs distracting speculative shows, with little or no facts to them, with one simple goal — To distract.

Why go very far. In the recent incident of the death of 70 children in Baba Raghav Das Medical College,Gorakhpur, this section of media tried to make Dr. Kafeel Khan, Head of Paediatrics, a real villain. All sorts of aspersions were raised about him. The idea seemed to convince the viewers as to how Dr. Khan is someone just opposite of his hero image. What was interesting was that the people affected by the incident were in all praise of the doctor. But still the media persisted with their line of story. But the biased or pro-Government nature of the media became evident from its conduct after the DM of Gorakhpur submitted his inquiry report on the incident yesterday.

The inquiry report submitted by Gorakhpur District Magistrate into the BRD Medical College hospital incident blames R.K Mishra, the principal of the company Pushpa Sales supplying oxygen; and the Anaesthesia department’s Dr Satish Kumar for the deaths. As they were entrusted with the task of overseeing the supply of oxygen. As far as Dr. Kafeel Khan is concerned then the report notes that the air conditioning problem had been communicated in writing to Dr. Satish Kumar.

This section of media, seems biased because though they have no problems running hour long speculative shows maligning some person; they don’t have a decency to run an apologetic piece for 5 minutes. Is it that difficult to inform the people that the person (Dr. Kafeel Khan) they portrayed as a villain, is not found guilty for the deaths in DM’s inquiry report?

But for this section of media running an apology seems to be difficult. If they run a clear apology, then people will know about their role in the propaganda.

Much earlier this month, another important information came to the media. But unfortunately they chose not to share it with you. Again, sharing the information with you meant telling you the Truth. Which they don’t want you to know.

On August 03, 2017, the Delhi Police filed an action taken report (ATR) in a Delhi court on a complaint seeking lodging of FIR in the Ramjas College incident, in which anti-national slogans were allegedly raised in February this year. The Delhi Police, in its report, said that the video clips submitted by various sources looked doctored and will resend them for forensic examination. Earlier in July, the court pulled up the Delhi Police for not filing a status report for the last six months in regards to the matter. Obviously, the Police had sought more time to file a status report. For what? To resend the video clips to know whether they are doctored or not.

Whatever the time is for, the Media must inform the people about what the Crime Branch of Delhi Police has deposed before the Court. If such an information can be blacked out by the media, then who knows what will happen of the findings in the anti-national slogans case in JNU. What will happen if they are conclusively found to be doctored!

To conclude, another fact check for anyone who’s still angry as to why everyone except Hamid Ansari salutes at the Republic Day Event some years ago. Actually, only the President of India and some others are required to salute during the Republic Day Function. And among others is not the Prime Minister of India! (In the image Below Atal Bihari Vajpayee doesn’t Salute).

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