Infosys’ Narayana Murthy and Shahrukh Khan NOT sailing in same Boat!

What Infosys Founder Chairman NR Narayana Murthy and Shahrukh Khan said, in the past couple of days is the same:

India is becoming intolerant…

But, it’s unfortunate, while the BJP Government saw NR Narayan Murthy’s comment as arising from his concern for India becoming a Super Power; the same Government suggested Shahrukh Khan to move to Pakistan.

Frankly, the Modi Government can’t tell Infosys to bundle up its Business in India and move to Pakistan. That’s why, it chose Shah Rukh Khan. He is an easy target.

It’s beyond reason to tell the BJP led Government of India to act with sanity. Else, it will not be able to attain even its one point Objective: Acquire land from Farmers for Businesses (Corporate), so that the  farmers made landless can work at very low wages in the factories set up by these businesses.

It will not be able to enforce its reform agenda, which in a way means cut social spending on schemes for anyone who doesn’t see himself/herself rich; or is dependent on Government schemes. All the spend is simply going to TV and Newspaper Advertisements.

Some observations…

Earlier, the self praising advertisements of Union Government used to be broadcast just a couple of months before the Lok Sabha Elections. Today, full-page advertisements in Newspapers, 1 minute TV Advertisements on News Channels and massive rallies for the ruling party are taking place the moment it came to power. These things need money in crores. A rupee spent once, can be spent twice.

Since the time the new Government came to power, prices across commodities have increased three-folds. And irrespective of what the Government Advertisements claim — Government Hospitals, Public Health Centres , CHCs have not been any cleaner!

Shah Rukh Khan is an actor, but that doesn’t mean his fans love him for his acting skills only. They love him for his thinking and over all personality.

To conclude, many Newspapers in Northern India are upbeat (very happy) that four persons of Indian Origin have found a place in Canada’s New Government. Are these Newspapers or TV Channels or Indians residing in India, feeling pride in this news, can be attacked for living in India and having their heart in Canada?