Instant Triple Talaq Bill and Muslim Women applying for Jobs

It is good to see the Instant Tiple Talaq Bill getting passed in Lok Sabha Yesterday. The Bill in its present form seems difficult to implement. For this reason its effectiveness remains doubtful.

The Bill makes the Instant Talaq both illegal and void in India, except for the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It cannot be both, at the same time. This is just one anomaly. The Bill seems to have other strong discrepancies as well. No one must be surprised, if the future Law gets challenged in the Court of Law.

That said, there’s one more provision in the Bill which needs a re-consideration. The Bill provides for a punishment of three years in imprisonment and fine for the culprit (Muslim husband). If the husband gets the punishment and is removed from his livelihood for the next next three years, then how will the divorced wife and dependent children get the maintenance. The Bill is assuming that the Muslim Husband will be rich enough to provide for the divorced wife, either one time or in form of monthly maintenance, before going to the jail. This seems a far stretch by any standards.

Overall, if the effectiveness and the seriousness of the Bill is set aside, it will be a big leap of faith for Muslim Women, either married or unmarried. Irrespective of their education, they will surely move out of their households. They will reclaim not only their share in public spaces, they will also make a stronger presence in the job sector.

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