Intensive statin therapy helps heart but increases Diabetes risk

According to a study published last year – Even though cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are a backbone of current heart disease treatment and heart attack prevention, the long-term use of statin drugs can increase the risk of diabetes. Now a recent study conducted at the University of Glasgow, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, comparing the effects of moderate versus intensive doses of statins on risk of diabetes as well as heart attacks and strokes, says that ‘intense-dose statin’ therapy did indeed increase the risk of diabetes over a period of five years compared to moderate-dose therapy — by 12 percent.

But on the contrary the study found the intense-dose therapy lowered the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 16 percent compared to moderate-dose therapy.

So to summarize, the study found that intense statin drugs on one hand are putting the person at a greater risk of diabetes, but on the other, decreasing the risk of major cardiovascular events.

Hence the study, advises the doctors to be vigilant for the development of diabetes in patients receiving intensive statin therapy.

Now, what the study advises to a doctor is the doctor’s business; we can here talk about us – the treatment seekers.

If one tries to read between the lines, the study has one emphatic message for all those who are on some sort of medication for their hearts; the message is also for those who though are not taking any medicines right now, but think that when the need be, good medicines are always there to take care of their imperfect hearts.

And the message is — medicines for any ailment are not free of consequences. Hence, merely relying on them without making any positive changes to one’s life style puts the person in a situation, where his/her medicine portfolio keeps on increasing.

We know that weight gain and obesity is linked to more likelihood of heart diseases and diabetes; a connected reasoning points that if weight gain is controlled and obesity is worked on bringing the weight closer to normal weight; the likelihood or intensity of heart diseases and diabetes should decrease as well. On good way of doing so is making Lifestyle changes.

If you are still blessed to have a fit body; but living a life which is sedentary, stressed, involves improper eating, and some vices which you instinctively know may have a toll on your body eventually; then make positive changes to your life now, before it’s too late. Go for a walk, jog or run one time a day five days a week; start eating healthy, food appropriate for your current activity, small portions in a small plate, in small quantity, meal taking atleast 20 minutes to finsh. The list can be endless. But once you take the healthy road; positive chemicals in your body; will put you in a state where these positive changes become an addiction. [Ask us if you unsure what you can do to be on this road.]

If are already having some of the metabolic diseases and already consulting a doctor; then do these things whenever you go to a doctor:

1) Show optimism to the doctor. That doesn’t mean giving a wrong picture of the ailment or the uneasiness one is experiencing. The idea is to give the doctor an impression which shows resolve; and not desperation. Drooping shoulders, and lazy eyes, gloomy face, when can feel he/she is capable enough to sit straight, with attentive eyes and normal face; helps doctor a lot. And the patient too.

2) When the doctor puts you in a new medication, ask doc, “is it utmost necessary”. Followed by saying, “I’m willing to make positive changes to my lifestyle if the medication can be avoided or applied moderately”.

3) Even if the doc has put you in some medication; ask doc, the changes in lifestyle suggestions. The doc will be more than happy to advice: activity/physical exercise, food and rest which conforms your state of health state.

Hope you find the write-up useful, and life changing. If you want us to be part of your weight loss or healthy living journey, Please feel free to write to us, via the contact us link on top of Left Sidebar.