International Labour Day 2019… Lets at least Acknowledge it!

Today, the May 1, the World is celebrating International Labour Day. People in India are celebrating it as well. The celebrations are not that glamorous though.

Why? Because it is a day celebrated by Labours — Those who work as porters, factory workers, industry workers, construction workers etc. On this day, they think about the sacrifices made by labours, labour union leaders, trade unionists etc. to get them the most basic of all rights — Dignified wages, non-parasitic work hours, humane work conditions and some sort of dignity in their lives.

Is my definition of a labour too limited?


It may be. Because I have found that many among us don’t want to be tagged as labours. We find the term either too communist, socialist or too poor. But what is interesting here is that — irrespective our perceptions about the tag, our woes may not be very different from the labours. Most of us are unhappy with our wages, work hours, work conditions etc. Most of us cannot even speak out against such high-handedness of the employers.

international labour day, may 1, #LabourDay, LabourRights DaySo, it is up to you as to how you perceive yourself. But one thing must be understood, capitalists in any country are just a few. Most of the population falls under the labour class, whether they like the tag or not.

So on #LabourDay, there is an interesting piece of information for us all. Ever heard of NASSCOM? It expands as The National Association of Software and Services Companies. It is a trade association of Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing industry, established in 1988. The more you know about it, the more you will appreciate the concepts such as Labour Unions, Trade Unions.

To conclude, today in 2019 we celebrate everything from Mother’s Day, Father’s Day to what not; but for some reasons we don’t want to even acknowledge International Labour Day. Which is an irony because everyone from farmers to workers in private industries are facing the same work problems and; they are not even allowed to raise their voice. OR such voices are conveniently ignored.