iPhone 6S Case, 6S Plus Case from Targus | @ Rs 2500

Prism Hand-Grip Case for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Comes with Protective Rib for Soft Touch Hand-Grip.

Last week, Targus Inc, launched its Prism Protective Stand Case Collection for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
The collection includes a wide range of sleek protective hand-grip cases for iPhone 6S, Plus:
  • TFD143AP (Black, for iPhone 6S/6)
  • TFD14301AP (Grey, for iPhone 6S/6)
  • TFD144AP (Black, for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus)
  • TFD14401AP (Grey, for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus)
targus iphone 6s plus case

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Targus’s new protective cases come with portrait and landscape viewing stand for functionality and advanced protection.

TheiPhone 6S Case, 6S Plus Case are equipped with impact absorbing TPU shell with honeycombed internal ribbing and corner protection.

Unique embedded strap on the back of these cases acts as both a hand-strap and a viewing stand(click on the adjoining image to know the ways it can be used ). The strap acts as both a viewing stand, for comfortable landscape and portrait viewings on a table or; a stand on any other flat surface.
The magnetic leather stand, once replaced in its original position on the back of the case, becomes very discreet.
On the launch of the iPhone 6S, Plus Cases, Mr Manish Aher,Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager, India at Targus AsiaPacific, said
Targus iPhones cases are not just for protective purposes but are also designed to optimize functionality. Holding phones to watch videos or work from can get tiresome; the Prism Protective Stand Case Collection features a slim profile portrait and landscape viewing stand letting the users secure their iPhone comfortably in their hand or place it down on a table.”
Price and Availability: 
Targus Prism Protective iPhone 6S Stand Cases — TFD143AP (Black, for iPhone 6S/6), TFD14301AP (Grey, for iPhone 6S/6), TFD144AP (Black, for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus), and TFD14401AP (Grey, for iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus) are priced at MRP of Rs. 2499/-

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