iPhone Guy teaches you how to Lose Weight

How much over weight are you? 8 to 15 kilograms over your normal weight (ideal weight)?

If yes, then why not use stairs, whenever have the opportunity to!

Don’t say, your knees just give up. Be assured, they will support you, to your way up or down.

I’m not Suggesting stairs to you, just for the sake of suggesting, the particular suggestion emanated from a particular tweet from @ebohling. The Tweet says ( Brandon Bohling is the speaker):

“my iphone sheds pounds: can’t count the times i’ve been reading on my iphone & climbed stairs to 4th floor instead of 3rd floor”

Isn’t this man just fascinating?

Look at him, who is just so happy with his iPhone that he forgets often which floor he is heading too. Not stopping there, he’s sillily Happy to have the courage to laugh on his absent mindedness later on.

When it comes to getting back to weight normal or getting back to shape; one needs to have a Life philosophy the man has.

A philosophy that celebrates — Life’s simple stupidities.

A philosophy that is ever forgiving for self and for others and has the guts to laugh on self.

A philosophy that enjoys Life’s simple joys, and going primitive to enjoy them.

Taking stairs, is just a simple Life style change which allows you to bring in the “Life philosophies the man has”. If you want to be fit or you want to lose those excess pounds, which you gained all these years, simply take the stairs just like the “man with iPhone”. If your body gives up initially, be forgiving to it. Just sit on whatever stair you have reached, and laugh at the fact that when people are climbing mountains, you are not even able to take one step up. Amaze, at the fact that, you are such a happy person, who can laugh at self.

Keep taking halts, whenever you get out of breath; enjoy your halt; and continue your upward journey again.

—- It’s important to understand the importance of simple Life-style changes — Like using stairs instead of an elevator, whenever you have to — to lose weight or getting back to weight normal. What is equally important, is to develop, the habit of enjoying simple things in Life; and while enjoying them or taking new endeavors, be ever forgiving to self. Laughing on self, whenever any desperation tries to get in.