Is Arvind Kejriwal exploiting the Negative Police Image?

Arvind Kejriwal’s demand to suspend or at least transfer the four Delhi Police personnel seems to be a case of him exploiting the negative police image among the people. The four police personnel concerned are the SHOs concerned in three cases — the Danish tourist’s sexual assault and the run-ins AAP ministers Somnath Bharti and Rekha Birla had with the police.

The Delhi CM, Manish Sisodia and the Aam Aadmi Party members are currently sitting on a dharna outside the Rail Bhawan, when they were refused permission to head to Rajpath to Union Home Sushil Kumar Shinde’s North Block office.

Out of the three cases, only the incident of the sexual assault of the Danish Woman has some merit in it where Arvind Kejriwal can demand the transfer or suspension of the SHO. The merit here is: After all if the SHO of the area can’t be made responsible for the safety of women, then who can. But even this responsibility may seem to many bearing only moral weight.

The other two cases, one where Minister Rakhi Bidlan sat on a Dharna outside SHO Office demanding the arrest of the in-laws of a woman allegedly burnt by her in-laws; and the other, where Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti demanded a surprise raid on house, which the minister claimed is running a prostitution and drugs racket, seem unjustified. In the incident involving Rakhi Bidlan, who will decide the misdeed of the in-laws? Surely not the minister and the family and sympathizers of the woman. In the incident involving Somnath Bharti, no matter how sure you are, you can’t compel the police to act ultra vies (acting more than their powers).

By the nature of their job and by virtue of the power they wield, police no doubt has a negative impression on the public. But that doesn’t mean you can use this perception to prove the police wrong every time.

It’s time Arvind Kejriwal accepts his mistake and step back.