Is it necessary to state that you are the first to reach the disconnected village?

Kindly don’t take the impression that I’m becoming too preachy or trying to be too high morally. It’s only that, hearing such pitch all the time makes one sick.

We all know Leh has seen one of the most unfortunate events of its history. Many people have died; People are hungry, thirsty, helpless and hapless. And it’s not necessary to have the brain of Einstein to feel these people’s pain. Their pain comes at number one, rest is futile.

But why are new channels, emphasizing in their every coverage from ground zero, that their channel is the first to reach some disconnected village or is the first to bring the plight of some hapless people to our notice.

Star News has been doing this all the time; today NDTV India joined the bandwagon too.

It’s al right that, there is the big issue of TRP; but can’t that be put aside for a little while. If news channels successfully bring the plight of Leh well; it will show.

No further pitching is needed.