Ishant Sharma takes a Five-wicket haul in his debut Test !



Ishant Sharma is a lanky young man. Unlike in the West, where sportspersons do focus on building muscular strength; sportspersons in India, seldom do such an effort. There’s a perception in India, that a light person will run faster than someone with more body weight. A perception which inspires most track and field athletes in India, barring the shotput and discus throwers, remain skinny.  But body weight is not always fat. It’s the muscle weight as well. Finest athletes focus on developing adequate muscles, so that although they become heavy, they also become strong. A fine example of this approach are the 100 metres finalists at Olympics. Some of them, 180 cms in height, have a body weight of 90 kilograms or more.

Fast bowlers, like Ishant Sharma, should focus on having more muscles in Body. That way, any increase in body weight will be a functional. That’s the body weight will give them more momentum; and will impart the ball more speed.