It is wrong to call revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt as ‘Twitter Revolution’!

The world is hailing Facebook and Twitter for rolling out revolutions in two Northern nations of Africa—Egypt and Tunisia. But I think giving too much importance to these social networks is akin to robbing the real heros of these nations of the credit they deserve. As they are the ones who are fighting extreme Government suppression and still not willing to lower down their voices and agitation.

These unnamed people are the ones who are running the powerful engine of change, overthrowing the old repressive ways of governing as well as those who govern; not Twitter and Facebook.
So it’s wrong to call these history-making movements “Twitter revolutions” or “Facebook Revolutions”.A Big disservice to the people involved.

I think what Twitter, Facebook, and various instant messaging platforms have done is they have acted as force-multipliers for revolutionary movements. They told the world what is happening in these two nations and as a consequence the world started mobilizing support for these revolutionaries. And nothing else.

To say Twitter and Facebook are favoring revolutionaries will be wrong again; as just like revolutionaries, governments are also using those same social networks to gather the intelligence they need to identify and arrest dissidents who pose a threat to their power.

The networks are favoring no one; they are simply carrying on messages from one point to another. And rather than them, it’s the people who are defining their character.

Twitter is revolutionary in the hands of a revolutionary and repressive in the hands of a autocrat.

So social networks and all other platforms can best be called weapons; and not anything which is made by post fixing ‘revolution etc.’ to Facebook, twitter etc. They are just like weapons—which are simply indifferent. As it’s not these social networks that are killing people or toppling regimes; it’s the People who do that.

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