Jacqueline Kennedy’s Sex Life, multiple Flings in New Book

New Book Details Jackie O’s Purported concurrent Flings With Kennedy brothers; and actors Marlon Brando, Paul Newman & Others. A Book for those who like Salacious stuff and Gossip. 

Some years ago I read an article about Marilyn Monroe. The article talked about the sex life of the actress of 1950s and 60s. I can still remember one piece of salacious information in that article. The article quoted a book, which quoted the driver of Rock n Roll heartthrob Elvis Presley narrating an incident where Presley went to visit Monroe. Greeting Elvis, Marilyn remarked as to how Elvis had unusually great looks for a guitarist; and the two proceeded to Marilyn’s bedroom. In the morning, Elvis called the driver and when the driver reached the place, both Marilyn and Elvis were roaming stark naked in the apartment. I shared this here, because truths, half truths and complete lies about celebrities keep circulating in the World. And enterprising individuals among us write books on the private lives of these stars.

That said, a new book titled Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams
peeks into the former First Lady of USA, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s private life, lending prescient insights into flings she purportedly carried on both before and after the assassination of her husband, President John F Kennedy,  50 years ago.

In order to give credence to the information shared , the book frequently quotes late Jackie O (pet name for Jacqueline Kennedy ) confidantes Gore Vidal and Truman Capote.

The book gives the detailed accounts of Jackie O’s flings with both of her late husband’s brothers, Ted and Bobby Kennedy. The book also shares detailed accounts of her flings with actors William Holden, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Gregory Peck (it’s believed that Indian actor Dev Anand adopted the screen mannerisms of Gregory Peck), Frank Sinatra; and a number of other prominent men.

According to the authors, the attitude of both Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband John Kennedy towards sex was adventurous. Both saw Sex as a game. Although the book also claims that some of the initial flings of Jackie were to teach her husband a lesson, for his infidelity. It’s other thing that both were tolerant towards each other’s affairs. The main reason for that was that, both loved gossip and could go on talking endlessly about other people’s sex lives. Overall the book paints Jackie as a woman who loved sex as much as his husband does.

To conclude, the book also talks about how Jackie carried on concurrent flings with Bobby and Ted(brothers of JFK), the latter of whom had deep feelings for his sister-in-law. And as per Jackie’s confidante Nancy Dickerson, Jackie and Bobby were definitely having an affair. This can be true or mere imagination, as across cultures a widow residing with a brother-in-law is given connotations like these.

Overall the book is claimed to be quite bold in its content, revealing not only inner details of the flings but also how Jackie O used to compare the anatomy of her lovers with JFK.

Jacqueline died just more than 20 years ago, on May 18, 1994, at her New York home after battling cancer. But through out her life she kept rattling the imagination and fashion of the times.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams is available on Amazon.

About the Book

God had a talent for creating exceptional women–Helen of Troy and Cleopatra come to mind. So does Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who lives again in this “warts-and-all” portrait. It’s being released on the 20th anniversary of the tragic death, in 1994, of the icon who changed America’s beliefs about what a woman of style, power, and influence could accomplish “behind the throne” of men whose careers changed the course of history.

During her tumultuous life, she zealously guarded her privacy and her secrets, but in the wake of her death, more and more revelations have emerged about her frustrations, her rage, her passions, her towering strengths, and her delicate fragility, which she hid from the glare of the world behind oversized sunglasses. Within this posthumous biography, a three-dimensional woman emerges through the compilation of some 1,000 eyewitness testimonials from men and women who knew her over a period of decades.

The public epitome of charm, grace, and elegance, the private, chain-smoking Jackie was known for her sharp wit and her acid tongue, dissing some of the great men and women she encountered. Examples include such figures as Nancy Reagan (“I heard she used to give the best head in Hollywood when she was a starlet at MGM”); Queen Elizabeth II (“pompous, stuffy, a heavy trip, and seriously pissed off at me for turning on Philip”); or Martin Luther King, Jr. (“a terrible man and a tricky, phony, skirt-chaser and race baiter”).

This outspoken testimonial to the flimsier side of Camelot contains a cornucopia of gossip and intrigue, including details about Jackie’s scandalous love affairs with her two brothers-in-law (Bobby and Teddy), and her penchant for movie star seductions (Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, William Holden).

Also detailed are her famous feuds with Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Maria Callas; her almost unknown love affairs with Spain’s greatest matador and with Peter Lawford; her night in Georgetown coping with LBJ’s aborted seduction; her friend Rudolf Nureyev’s pursuit of both her and Bobby; her interchanges with Lem Billings, JFK’s homosexual “First Friend” whom Bobby defined as “Jack’s other wife”); her blood feud with Christina Onassis; her sibling rivalry with Lee Radziwill; her illicit affair with a senator nicknamed “Gorgeous George; her love-hate relationship with Frank Sinatra; and her Italian fling with Fiat’s kingpin, Gianni Agnelli, who taught her all about La Dolce Vita during the summer of 1962.

Conceived in direct and sometimes defiant contrast to the avalanche of more breathlessly respectful testimonials to the life and legacy of “America’s Queen,” this book is the latest installment in Blood Moon’s endlessly irreverent BABYLON series.