Jaipal Reddy may be Unhappy…So What?

Jaipal Reddy may be Unhappy for being shown door at the Petroleum Ministry…So What?

If his way of working was not welcomed by the Petroleum Lobby (Reliance Industry Limited a Key constituent); how could he retain the ministry?

He may be a Key Government functionary; but he can’t ignore this lobby.

Business Lobbies in this country have become so powerful that they are actually manipulating Government policies. And an individual, even in Government, can’t act contrary to the path prescribed by these lobbies.

This appears to be the plain truth.

Interestingly, BJP may be sensationalizing the Jaipal Reddy issue now; but when it comes to non-Welfare Economic Policies, both Congress and BJP are the same. And how can they be different? when they are taking policy decisions on the same founding rules.

The Founding Rules, which prescribe NOTHING, even when a company like Reliance Industries grows to such a size, where it makes 3-4 percent of Indian GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When Top 50 business houses in India, contribute for half of the GDP, even then no-one is bothered.

When a company contributes every 4 Rs in every 100 Rupees earned; then its interference in Government is obvious. Isn’t it?

The situation gets even weird, when out of the two — Directors and Shareholders- who have a say in the company; the Directors are often the relatives (and sycophants) of the owner.

The fact that, much of the wealth in these big business houses, is still with its owner and his family, makes them all the more powerful.