Jammu terror attack and Some Inconsistencies!

The final update: The Jammu terror attack was over hours ago. 3 militants were killed in a gunbattle. Terrorists, dressed in army uniform, came from across the border, informed the Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde. The militants, in twin suicide attacks, stormed Hiranagar police station and then an army camp of the cavalry armoured unit at Samba region of Jammu killing nine people including an army officer. The attack happened barely three days ahead of a meeting between Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan.

Lt Col Bikramjeet Singh, the second-in-command of the unit stationed at the camp, was among the four slain Army personnel. Six civilians were also killed in the cross fire. The nation is with the its soldiers and countrymen in the time of grave loss.

The unit’s Commanding Officer (CO) Col A Uthaiah, who was among the three injured at the Army Camp, has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) at a military hospital in Pathankot. Best wishes for quick recovery to those injured.

Jammu terror attack and Some Inconsistencies!


Every time an incident like this happens, there always remains a possibility of everything getting overpowered by the wave of patriotism. This prevents the country from learning from the incident, be better prepared the next time so that precious human lives are not lost.

Below are some inconsistencies which were seen in the Jammu terror attack reportings and official statements:

1) Even seconds before the Jammu terror attacks, both the Army and the Central Government were unaware of the terror attacks. By the time the situation was contained, the Union Minister of India got the intelligence that the militants killed in the terror attacks came from across border. How this happened? Any Magic Wand?

2) A lesser-known militant outfit ‘Shohada Brigade’, the one which very recently staged a meticulous protest in Srinagar against Symphony Composer Jubin Mehta, by writing banners and placards is reported to have claimed responsibility for the attack. PTI received a phone call from a person who identified himself as Sami-ul-Haq, the spokesperson of the  ‘Shohada Brigade’ outfit, which goes like this:

“We carried out the attacks in Kathua and Samba in Jammu region. All three of them were locals.”

It’s strange that an outfit which had the patience of writing extensive banners, posters & placards for its protests, becomes so raged a month forward; so that it attacks an entire cantonment. In addition, when the so called spokesperson of this small, scribe-like behaving outfit, informs the PTI that all the militants were local, any logical person starts wondering. To such people, this appears to be a case of over enthusiasm or over mischievousness. PTI may not disclose the number under Media privileges. But still, the number must be disclosed.

3) If our Army and Intelligence is efficient, then why it failed to see the imminent attack? Is another question.

Who in the border, Army cantonment and Jammu region facilitated the militants. Who were the militants? Who called the PTI Office etc?

Jammu is predominantly a Hindu region.  Any attack there rattles a large section of India. But, irrespective of  who caused these attacks and why; there is always a collateral damage.

It’s high time, India get serious about the intelligence and investigation part of these incidents. Although, Pakistan has done India much harm than anyone else; still blaming every such incident on Pakistan, that too within hours of its happening, many a times protects the real culprits.  The need for some serious investigation in such matters is important as many incidents in the country as well are not being investigated from terror angle. For instance, only last month, an illegal Arms factory was raided and seized in Kanpur. The proprietor of the factory was a person named Bhim Singh.