Janet Jackson talks about her relationship with food in her new book

In an interview to Piers Morgan ( Piers Morgan Tonight 2011 ), singer Janet Jackson, talks about her Love hate relationship with food, which she had also discussed in detail in her new book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself.

janet jackson new book bares all about her fitness, food habits, dietAs proved by many studies, Janet shares that her comfort eating, or taking solace from food at the time of emotional distress, emanated from issues that remained with her since her childhood, and basically have to do with how she sees her body and her unwillingness to accept the way she looked bodily.

If you are also unhappy with your “eating unhealthy” or “eating more than normal quantities of food”, at times, to the extent that it’s making you struggle with your body weight; then try to see what emotional issues are making you eat that way. Once you, pin point the emotional trigger which makes you turn towards food for comfort; stop yourself from heading towards the refrigerator next time you undergo same emotional trigger. To comfort yourself, try taking walk instead, accompanied by long deep breaths.