JDU’s disapproval of Modi is not Good for India: RSS

RSS Mouthpiece Organizer sees JDU’s response to Modi’s elevation as some “Arm Twisting”. RSS exhorts NDA to remain United.


rss attacks jduResponding to the likelihood of JDU leaving the NDA, RSS mouthpiece Organiser in its latest issue said “arm- twisting” of BJP by JD(U) on Modi’s elevation is not good for the country and emphasised on the need for the NDA to remain united in order to oust the Congress-led UPA. RSS Organizer further adds that Modi’s appointment as Election Campaign Committee Head does not mean he is the Prime Ministerial candidate.

RSS may see the JDU’s response to Modi as some Arm Twisting; but for many of us it’s quite easy to decide, who the bigger of the two evils — Congress or Modi — is. Congress may be neck deep in Corruption. But then, BJP was also not blemishless during its tenure at Center. That apart, religious polarization is much vicious than this money corruption. Actually it’s the one thing, which can conclusively be called “not Good for the country”.