JNU anti-India Slogans : Search for the corpse which can fit the Coffin

Now that it has become more or less clear that the people who shouted anti-India slogans inside the JNU campus recently, were not the one being blamed (Kanhaiya Kumar and his visible supporters), a section of electronic media is busy trying to link Kanhaiya Kumar and party, one way or the other.

This is nothing but an attempt on the part of such channels to either distract the attention from the real shouters; or to prove to the World that what they initially reported was NOT incorrect.

One particular news channel for instance, not able to show a clear link between those visible in video footages and the actual audio has started its search for the corpse which can fit the coffin. The channel has started its look out for the person who in the past has a tendency to raise difficult issues (for the Government); and see if he/she is capable of making those anti-India slogans. Isn’t it like — Buying a coffin first and then start looking for the corpse!

Frankly speaking, it’s enough for any media channel to report that the actual slogans shouters are not seen in any video footages made public so far. If they are honest to their work, then they can also say — Till now, the anti-India slogan shouting in JNU seems nothing but a sabotage attempt by people still unknown; or may very well be political rival(s). They can even say the slogan shouting seems to be an attempt to get Kanhaiya Kumar and others as anti-national.

But it’s wrong to run an hour-long debate with a title : Is [Person’s Name] the real Traitor of JNU? You can’t name a specific person by becoming retrospective.