JNU Slogans | Who’s testing the Waters!

One of the biggest problems of BJP Government spokespersons and BJP leaders is that they don’t want to lose any argument. I think the primary reason for this is that they want to benefit from any situation.

Tell you, the moment they stop talking too much they will find that situations have become easy for them. Sometimes accepting mistakes is also good.

To this day, no one knows who raised the anti-India slogans inside JNU.

People may not be saying this openly, but they are weighing the possibility of mischievous elements raising such slogans to put Kahaiya Kumar in the dock.

Hence, it’s not good for the BJP leaders to constantly repeat the slogans raised inside JNU campus that day. It’s not a small thing to call a student a traitor, unless you have proof for it. And unless real proof is shown to support such claim, repeating such slogans on TV news channels, doesn’t make a person traitor.

Now the point is, for some time now, it has become a norm that the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi doesn’t speak on such important issues for days. When he finally breaks his silence, it’s too late. The Nation wants the PM to speak on such issues within time. Else, it appears — Someone is Testing the Waters all the time.