Just unveiled Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 inch display!

Samsung will launch in May this year, Samsung Galaxy Mega in two display sizes: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3in and Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8in. Full HD smartphone

Indians have pretty well embraced the Samsung phablets (phones as big as the tablets). If Indians are happy with Samsung Galaxy Grand, then they will have no problems with just unveiled Samsung Galaxy Mega, which has a big 6.3 inch display (measured diagonally)!. When measured diagonally the entire screen area is still different, but since Samsung Galaxy Mega display is only decimal points smaller than Google Nexus 7, hence the difference here will not be significant.

The smartphone is pretty big. To get the comparison, Google’s nexus 7 tablet is bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 inch. Though Nexus 7 is bigger; but it’s a tablet. And tablets are physical keyboard less netbooks, and not the devices which you use to call someone while walking on a footpath.

Is Samsung Galaxy 6.3 inch too big for a smartphone?

Samsung will launch in May this year, Samsung Galaxy Mega in two display sizes — Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3in and Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8in.

But, is Samsung Galaxy 6.3 inch  or 5.8 inch too big for a smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Mega

amsung Galaxy Mega 5.8in

Some analysts suspect it to be the case. Calling Galaxy Mega, a step too far. Tech consultancy Davies Murphy Group said that within the Android market there had been a notable shift towards people wanting to buy a single device rather than both a smartphone and tablet. Here the category of phablets come to the picture. However, its principal technology analyst, Chris Green, suggested that at 6.3in would be too big for most users to swap their current handsets for the larger of the two Galaxy Megas. Who will take care of the funny remarks of passer by, who mistake you carrying a tablet on road  and making a call. You may appear a poor guy, who can’t afford separate smartphone and tablet.

Speaking to BBC, Green further adds that “There is genuine demand for larger smartphones – the problem is at what point does a smartphone turn into a tablet. When you’ve got this up against your head you’d have to argue you’re using a tablet and not a smartphone – it’s definitely going to compromise its functionality because it’s simply too big and too cumbersome to use as a traditional telephone device.

Phablets are popular in India:

Indians appear to be okay with the phablets. May be they are focusing too much on the brilliant Samsung displays and over all user experience. May be the phablet buyers in India represent the more geeky or just love the form factor.

Ignoring the phone functionality, as far as the rest of the smart device goes, Samsung Galaxy Mega looks quite phenomenal, as far as the specs go. It runs on Android (phablets are mainly Android), Has a High-Definition (HD) screen -supporting 720p or the “full HD” 1080p resolution. It weighs 199grams.