Are we Justifying Wars ? … Question to a Newspaper from Hindi Heartland

A NY Times reproduced article in a Hindi Newspaper tells the readers how Americans neglected their own soldiers fighting the difficult Vietnam War.

Today, one of the most read Hindi Newspapers in India has featured a reproduced article of The New York Times. The article by a Historian tells the readers how Americans themselves neglected the fighters of Vietnam War. In short, the article tries to tell the readers how this neglect, apathy or negative sentiment of most Americans towards the war and the american soldiers fighting it, robbed the soldiers of the recognition due to them.

The article is long. But the main theme of it is that American citizens must have showed support to their soldiers as not all of them were in favor of the war. They were simply carrying out their duty, that too in a remote land full of unseen dangers.

The article comes at a time when America will be marking the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War (in 2017).

To the uninitiated, from the very beginning a section of Americans were not in favor of the Vietnam war. Over the time, as the war picked up, increasing number of Americans started asking some basic questions to themselves.

The questions such as:

Why’re we fighting with Vietnam?

Who we’re fighting with at such a remote country?

What fault North Vietnam has committed, which warrants a war?

Above that, there was one basic question: Are Wars Good?

If given a choice, what should we choose — War or Peace?

Americans seemed to have arrived at one basic answer: War was unwarranted, with a very poor country, and without any superior purpose (which was peace, human rights and harmony).

Because of some cultural movements taking place in the field of Music etc. linked with activism, the young American was not in favor of war. He/she was in favor of Peace and humanity.

Thus over the time, the Vietnam war became broadly unpopular in United States. The unpopularity which began with Lyndon B. Johnson finally ended with the impeachment of his successor President Richard Nixon.

United States to this day has not has not fully set free herself of the Vietnam war guilt. But today some attempt is being made to justify wars. It’s taking place every where.

For instance the article we’re talking about tells that the neglect or lack of support for the soldiers fighting in Vietnam was not justified, as most of the young men and women going to Vietnam, had volunteered their services.

This itself contradicts the point of view of the author as those who volunteered to go to fight there, had a choice.

To conclude, after 50 years of Vietnam war, the World is still discussing the necessity of War or the support for war. This, when during all these years we have found that every war leaves behind a trail of destruction, loss of precious human lives, distrust and prolonged Guilt.