Juvenile in Nirbhaya Case | Follow Book OR Follow Emotions

The juvenile convict in the Nirbhaya Sexual assault case has completed his Jail term; and is now free.

With some knowledge of Juvenile Justice system in India; the juvenile has got the punishment what the law prescribes. Hence, he can’t be kept behind the bars any more.

Juvenile in Nirbhaya CaseThis is what the fact is.

Here, there’s no choice of whether one can follow the Book or Follow the emotions.

Like it or not, for the time being, one has to follow the Book.

But, if the Indian society is concerned about the leniency in the Law with respect to such juvenile delinquents (in Hindi ‘Bal Apradhi’), who are capable of inflicting such heinous crimes; then it should press the politicians to amend the Law.

From the reformative perspective as well; there seems to be much merit in the ongoing protests against the ‘Release of Juvenile in Nirbhaya Case’, as any minor capable of inflicting that much damage to a fellow human being, would have certain tendencies which are beyond reformation. In short, it’s difficult to say whether they have reformed or not.

PS: The parents of Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) must accept that even if  a new law is passed, it will not apply to Jyoti Singh case as the law will not apply to previous cases.