Cube26 Brings intelligent SMS Filtering, Music, Camera to Karbonn Mobiles

Karbonn Mobiles has signed a deal with Start-up Cube26, an AI tech startup to enrich its smartphones with safer and intelligent smartphone applications and suites.

new Karbonn smartphone series will be enriched by Cube26 Reos suite of apps. Cube26 Brings intelligent SMS Filtering for intelligent sms filtering, music app with audio recognition and camera with premium featuresCube26 is an India based technology innovation focused company. If I can recall correctly Cube26 started 3-4 years ago as a mobiles and games app development company. Later it transitioned to offering intelligent solutions to OEMs. At present it’s known as an AI technology startup.

With the collaboration, Karbonn Mobiles, India’s leading handset maker, will introduce Reos suite of native apps in its new range of smartphones.

What new Cube26 brings to new Karbonn smartphone series

The new Karbonn smartphone series will be enriched by Reos suite of super apps. The new smartphone range will come integrated with these apps for message, music and camera, aimed at enhancing the user experience, said Sudhir Hasija, Chairman at Karbonn Mobiles.

Reos suite of apps from Cube26 brings intelligent SMS Filtering, Music, Camera Experience

  • In the past couple of years, the Indian smartphones experience is plagued by rising numbers of promotional SMSes. Most of the times unsolicited and spam.

Reos Message uses Cube26’s proprietary spam filtering technology, which claims to filter 97% of the spam messages giving user a clean SMS experience.

Other than filtering promotional messages, it also categories all the SMS into three major categories – Main, Notifications and Promotional.

Also Available at: Visit Google Play and look for Reos Message – Spam Free SMS .

  • Reos music app aggregates all the capabilities of a native music player with additional features for online video content, radio and shazam like audio recognition technology.

What is Shazam like audio recognition technology? … Say you heard some song a couple of times. But unfortunately not the full song but just 20 seconds of it. So all you can do is natter a 20 seconds of it with lyrics. Shazam’s audio recognition and search,  will try to search for the song using that piece. I’ve not used it, hence I can only hope it works with your nattering as well. Hence, using Shazam like technology Reos music app is powered by a search engine which helps users to fast search and get all relevant information about songs across the web.

Also Available at: Visit Google Play and look for Reos Music: MP3, Video & Radio .

  • Reos camera app brings many premium smartphones features to Karbonn smartphones. It brings Prisma like artistic filter, time lapse, slow motion, beauty filter. Artistic filter is powered by Deep learning technology – one of the most advanced AI technology available today, said Saurav Kumar, Cofounder & CEO of Cube26.

Also Available at: Visit Google Play and look for Reos Camera: Art & Beauty .

To conclude, Cube26 has recently received a major funding from Tiger Global VC.