Kareena Kapoor to Lose weight for Bombay Samurai… But No Size Zero

Kareena Kapoor to Lose weight for upcoming movie, but you will not look Kareena in size zero weight. For Kareena zero size weight meant getting for 60 kg to 48 kg.

The news is, sultry Kareena has to lose weight for her upcoming movie Bombay Samurai. But no more size zero for Kareena this time. Good for her, the last time she donned that skinny look; many thought she pushed herself too close to Anorexia.

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Dev Benegal’s Bombay Samurai requires Kareena to be a few kilos ­lighter. And Bollywood actor is seriously working out to achieve the weight and physique her respected director Dev Benegal wants her to have (Let I bet you, If Kareena is playing a spy kind of role in Bombay Samurai, then she surely would have been told to lose far far more more than a few kilos. No sane actor will tell the media that the director wants the size zero bikini body, and then invite all the anorexic talk. Ya the director can always tell the costume designer to design something black for her. For optical illusion you see.).

If Kareena kapoor is told Lose weight for Bombay Samurai, then any guesses what kind of movie Bombay Samurai would be?

Kill Bill type? If not in terms of story, then may be in terms of dressing up?

No, it’s not some rumor. Just the unhinged imagination.

The film Bombay Samurai also features Farhan Akhtar. Farhan is also undergoing rigourous training to look fighting fit.

Kareena Kapoor is the Real size zero Diva of Bollywood


Only that Salman Khan wants the world to call it ‘Indian Film Industry’. Good for him.

Talking of size zero; in a country where Women are somewhat plump. Not in movies though (only exception being Tollywood. Salman Khan will be furious now.). Bebo or Kareena Kapoor is the real Diva. Someone who showed to the Indian girls what Size Zero Body really looks like. In her 2008 movie ‘Tashan’, Kareena managed to have a body that can fit into a Size Zero Bikini. To this day many believe that is was she who brought size zero into fashion.

Since Tashan, more than half a decade has passed, and Kareena gorgeous has more realistic opinion about weight loss and Bikini Body. A couple of days ago, when asked if she would again go size zero, she laughed and said,

“Not Size zero, God forbid! But I need to look leaner specially since my co-star is one of most sinewy guys in our cinema.”

Kareena Ma’am is speaking sense, but her jealousy for Farhan Akhtar swineyness may push her to size zero once again. If not Farhan Akhtar, then Bombay Samurai’s director Dev Benegal, known for films like “Road, Movie”, “Split Wide Open” and “English August”, surely will. He is the nephew of Shyam Benegal; bet you he will be hell of a perfectionist. At least with Kareena.

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