Kathua rape, murder of eight year old girl | Speak Sane!

Today some people are demanding a CBI inquiry in Kathua rape of an eight year old girl, under #CBI4KathuaCase hashtag on Twitter. Actually they are demanding so because they believe the nearly a two month old Crime branch inquiry done by J&K Govt. will not do justice with the accused, which they believe are falsely being implicated in the rape of an eight year old!

So these people for #CBI4KathuaCase are asking questions such as:

Is it true that Talib Hussain an advocate in Kathua rape and murder case also runs an “NGO and is a separatists’ sympathizer”?

Why he provoked victims family for Crime branch inquiry done in J&K rather a CBI inquiry?

If their questions and reasoning are to be believed, then according to them, they are doing so for the cause of justice and truth.

kathua rape murder, rape of eight year old, #CBI4KathuaCase, saffron terrorReally?

Are they putting these questions just for the cause of truth and justice?… Or are they taking on the mission of defending the accused?

Because no where in the World, people will question a trial when an eight year old had been raped and killed. Only people with skewed sense of justice and truth will question a trial where an eight year old has to bear something that unimaginable. Only people with that abnormal sense of justice and truth will speak for the suspected perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

To conclude, will the reality of the rape and murder of an eight year old change if an advocate in Kathua rape and murder case also runs an “NGO, sympathetic towards separatists”?

Were such questioned raised when BJP formed a Government with PDP, a political party which is publicly known as a separatists’ sympathizer?

If such questions were not raised then, then why unnecessarily make such political points now?

Instead… Think and speak sane.

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  • rashmi pandey Apr 21, 2018, 12:20 pm

    repist should be hanged , and CBI enquiry is must, nobody sympathetic to repists but you need to understand why jammu people are questioning jammu crime branch investigation. REAL rapists should be hang and whats wrong if CBI investigate this issue??
    during nirbhaya nobody knew her religion,cast but why in this case vicitim hailed as muslim, and why shaming majority and making offensive cartoons to their gods?? terrorists have no religion and so do rapists. no need to communilise this crime, and hang the rapists.

    • A Bisht Apr 28, 2018, 12:18 pm

      Dear Ms. Pandey,

      Where did you find the religion angle in the article. There is no mention of any communal angle as well. The only point which is being made in a very non-agitated manner is — Some people are trying to create a false narrative and counter narrative for their vested interests. Hope you understand.

      Thanks, Best regards