Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor Not Together …Tough on Who?

Who dumped whom? For who among the two, Ranbir and Katrina, this coldness is Tough?

The photos of 2014 Valentine’s Day celebrations of Ranbir Kapoor are out. And Ranbir is without Katrina!

Not much surprise though. As a fortnight before the V-Day; the close friends of Katrina and Ranbir, including Kiran Rao tried to patch up the love lost between the two. But with no real success.

Going by Ranbir Kapoor’s V-Day party photos out there, it appears that things are cold between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor. And the duo have called it off. May be they have already moved on. The two are on almost no talking terms.

This Valentine Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina were not together. While Katrina was shooting in Shimla for ‘Bang Bang’, Ranbir was with his close pals in Mumbai. The Kapoor is being seen enjoying V-day party with Aditya Roy Kapoor at a night club in Mumbai, surrounded by beauties.

According to some other reports, Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif are on no talking terms ever since they returned from their US trip. The buzz is that the two returned from that trip on separate flights and on separate days.

The couple has started shooting for the second schedule of ‘Jagga Jasoos’; but there is no warmth between the two.

Who dumped whom? For who among the two, Ranbir and Katrina, this coldness is Tough?

Before Katrina, Ranbir and Deepika Padukone were together. Then Ranbir dumped Deepika for Katrina; similar to what Katrina did to Salman Khan.

It’s tough to say, who is sadder with the love lost. Love is complicated you see!

BTW, rumors are that Katrina Kaif wanted commitment; which Ranbir Kapoor was unwilling to promise. As he says, “Boys ki life and Maestro ki ride; Easy hai” (The Life of Boys and the ride of maestro, are easy).

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