Kejriwal accepts Mistake for farmer’s death… Good Gesture

Arvind Kejriwal has finally accepted that continuing with his speech even after seeing the farmer’s suicide attempt at AAP rally, was a mistake. Speaking to ANI, Kejriwal said : Yes, I accept, I committed the mistake.

He requested media not to dissect the incident too much. As the dissection is not helping the farmers.

Good to see Arvind accept his mistake. Actually it’s not about committing mistakes time & again and apologizing for them. It’s about apologizing itself.

Kejriwal, whether you like him or not, is new to Politics. He has to learn a lot of things. It’s wrong to assume that he will not commit mistakes after becoming Delhi CM. He will. But the good thing is, he’s accepting them.

With all his social work behind him, it will be wrong to assume that he wanted a human being to die in his rally, just to create a spectacle of it. And when he says he’s not able to sleep after the unfortunate rally, then we can believe him.

In coming days, months and years , he and his party will understand that politics is all about caution. You can’t collect people at a place and simply see the situation escalate beyond your control. You see, big parties such as Congress and BJP will never allow things escalate beyond a certain limit. Here Kejriwal’s AAP is inexperienced.

That apart, the Wisdom of “The Show must Go On” doesn’t apply everywhere. Arvind Kejriwal will learn these discretion in coming days, months and years.

People Do Take Drastic steps in Rallies and Protests

It’s NOT uncommon to see a person in a rally, protest or agitation take some step which has the potential to threaten his/her life. The entire mood of the situation; and the person’s internal and momentary motivations contribute to these drastic steps.

During Mandal Commission or anti-reservation agitations in early 1990s, many young men and women immolated themselves. Why did they take such drastic step? Who encouraged them? Why anyone in the crowd didn’t stop them? All these questions can be raised for effect; but they don’t mean much. As when people accumulate, it’s hard to know the individual or group motivations and agendas. Some people might see some vested interest served from such suicides, but that doesn’t mean they can be blamed.  That’s why it’s always difficult to blame a mob.

BJP Leaders are using high-sounding words such as “Humanity”, “Conscience” etc. to put AAP and Kejriwal in bad light; but can they answer this question: Why so many young men and women immolated themselves during Rath Yatra and Anti reservation agitations in early 1990s?

BJP, which was a key faction of these agitations, must have stopped those self killings.

But the point is, it’s hard to stop such incidents.

The suicide of farmer Gajendra Singh in AAP’s recent rally, though unfortunate and sad, is difficult to crack. Even when one tries to nail a person or group as the instigator, there will be many perspectives to the incident.

One must Live to Change the World

We often hear motivated people say that They can die for the Cause.

Except for some monumental causes, a leader needs to Live and not Die to Change the World.

When journalists reached Gajendra Singh ji’s House in Dausa Rajasthan, everyone there showed their surprise at the incident. Why? As Singh, they said, with all his enthusiasm and motivating spirit could never commit suicide.

Then why did he take such a drastic step.

When sound bite hungry journalists solicited comments from other villagers, they defined him as an enthusiastic young political leader with motivating spirit. Someone who used to tell others: He will Do something Big in Life.

His family says that money debt or the recent crop failure doesn’t apply to him or the family.

To end, Gajendra Singh appears to be an upcoming politician who saw opportunity in AAP. His bent towards leading others, becomes clear, when he chose to climb a tree, that too in front of hundreds of people.

PS: Even though Arvind Kejriwal accepts that he should not have gone ahead with his speech and they should have called off the rally, he has one justification for his decision. The farmer hanged himself and was rushed to the hospital. This means that the farmer was not dead at that time and the necessary step of taking him to the hospital had already been taken. Rallies are not called off the moment someone gets hurt. But still Kejriwal’s apology is a good gesture.