Kejriwal and AAP’s Stand on Reservation…And my question!

In an hour long interview with Arvind Kejriwal, journalist Madhu Trehan managed to get Arvind Kejriwal and his political party, AAP’s stand on Reservation in India.

This is the stand of AAP on the issue of Reservation or more specifically Reservation in Government jobs to SC, ST and OBCs:

  1. Untouchability Exists in India : Arvind Kejriwal admitted that untouchability has not ended in India; and untouchability still exists in India. Hence Reservation in jobs can be continued with, but with a few riders. Such as if a person gets the benefit of reservation in this generation, then his successor must not get the reservation.
  2. What Reservation in Jobs Offers to the Reserved Categories in India : According to Arvind Kejriwal, the reservation in jobs in India applies to a meagre 2 lakh or 200,000 Government and State Government jobs every year. Out of this 1 Lakh go to the reserved categories. Hence in place of Reservation we need a mechanism which is beneficial to 25-30 crore reserved caste candidates.
  3. What is the solution to the problem of unemployment among the poor and those belonging to the Reserved Castes ? According to Arvind Kejriwal, the solution lies is improving school education in India. So that the reserved castes themselves want the reservation to let go.

My Question to Arvind Kejriwal and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) !

kejriwal, aap, Alright, I agree with you, the key to long term human empowerment is Education.

I also agree that the reservation in jobs offers only one Lakh jobs every year.

But I’ve a question.

If Arvind Kejriwal and his party are so concerned about the welfare of the reserved categories, then why do they have problem with them getting even 1 Lakh government posts every year?

No one has stopped AAP and Kejriwal ji from making countless unemployed Indians employable through education; but what is this hurry, that wants to deprive the 50 percent of the population to better their lives with the provision of reservation! Logically speaking,

it’s like preventing a Hungry child eat a Chapati, so that someday he’ll get the food fit for a king.

That apart, if 2 Lakh jobs a year is too less; then why General Category candidates want the Reservation in jobs to be quashed?

BJP and many right wing political parties opposed and are still opposing, the Mandal Commission or Reservation in Jobs , for the same 2 Lakh odd Government jobs offered every year.

A Big Plot

Every political party in India wants to prove to the voters that it’s their most ardent well wisher. When the fact of the matter is : parties like BJP, Shiv Sena and more recently AAP have historically and ideologically remained anti Reservation. It’s one thing, Narendra Modi calls himself an OBC to pull votes; it’s entirely another to have empathy and welfare intent for the reserved castes.

If Madhu Trehan manages to do an interview of Narendra Modi, and if she honestly puts these questions to Narendra Modi, then any reserved caste student can easily see the insincerity in BJP and its PM candidate Narendra Modi’s stand on Reservation in jobs. There’s high likelihood that Mr. Narendra Modi may not agree to such an interview as such probing questions on these contentious issues will reveal the real picture.

To conclude, this Lok Sabha election 2014 has become an event, where rhetoric and plain lies , have overshadowed the real truth and ideologies. Hence, as a voter lets try to unearth the basic ideologies of the parties, before deciding who to vote for.

PS: Only that political party which supports Reservation in Jobs unquestioningly or without any ifs and buts, is the real well wisher of Reserved castes. As logically, if a person can get something good today, then why question its usefulness, for his/her future Good.

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  • piyush Jul 13, 2015, 11:09 pm

    I believe u will never understand the pain of a general guy ranked 7k in iitjee when in spite of 10k seats he didn”t get a seat and an equally or more rich reserved studying in same coaching centre gets a seat in IIT at rank of 15000

  • Dev Malya Aug 28, 2015, 12:08 pm

    Every Social Welfare policy should have an effective exclusion policy so that empowered section will be excluded time to time, without this exclusion policy the Social Welfare Policy will like a canteen for poor where the first comers are being fed repeatedly while other hungry people will have to wait endlessly on the fat elite First Comers’s mercy and will that someday they might leave the quota, without exclusion policy caste based reservation is nothing but another Caste System with endless power for the Neo-Brahmins, old wine in new bottle, now I understand what’s your problem is, you problem is not Dalit’s problems, your problem is that if there is an exclusion policy then after getting empowered you will get excluded, if you really care for the dalits then you will support exclusion policy as exclusion policy doesn’t mean reservation will end and by the way it will make General Category Competition way more tough because so many empowered dalit section will become general, so there is nothing but more misery in exclusion policy yet it will help the real needy dalits so this demand is well justified!!