Why Kejriwal’s Gotra Cartoon Cunning?

What is a Gotra? There are many theories regarding Gotra. One theory says that, all Hindus are the offspring of Ancient Sages. Those who belong to Bharadwaj, are the offspring of sage Bharadwaj; those who belong to Kashyap, are the offspring of sage Kashyap. Another theory, claims that Gotras are grouping based on regions. For stance, those who belong to Kaushal Gotra, are the ones who once lived in Kaushal. There’re other theories as well. For instance some people see Gotras as groupings based on one’s profession, or some other peculiar trait. For instance, it’s said that Nehras in Delhi and Harayana, are the ones who chose to pay the British the rent to use canal water (in Hindi Nahar) to irrigate their fields.

In simple, there are as many definitions of Gotras, as Gotras themselves. Since Hinduism borrows too many things from too many sources, such confusion is obvious.

That said, the cartoon below, which is part of BJP Ad, uses the term “upadravi (nuisance causing) gotra” for Arvind Kejriwal.As you can see in the cartoon below, the cartoon shows him threatening to disrupt the Republic Day parade one year and asking for a VIP pass for the next year’s parade.

kejriwal Gotra Cartoon

Don’t know, whether this can be called a cartoon. As it appears more as a slogan carrying poster, a common sight during movements against the establishment. Coming back to the topic, Kejriwal and AAP was quick enough to term the poster as highly objectionable, and termed it as one attacking Kejriwal’s Gotra. Or in other words the entire Aggarwal community, from which Kejriwwal belongs.

Finding itself entrapped in its own game, BJP quickly set aside the entire argument against the cartoon as one where “Gotra is Metaphor”. And guess who came in defense of the cartoon, BJP’s Piyush Goyal. Not very far from Kejriwal, if Gotra is concerned. At least a section of Delhi-ites will believe so.

Why Kejriwal’s Gotra Cartoon Cunning?

First, it cannot be superficial, when BJP talks about Gotra. Why? As BJP thinks itself to be the flag bearer of Hindus. One who knows every tenet of Hinduism and Indian culture. Whatever way it defines a Gotra; it must not use it even as a metaphor; when it keeps portraying itself as a party, which doesn’t do the politics of caste or religion. If it can think of Gotra in a political slogan or political ad; it means that it believes in Groupings of such kind. An example equivalent to this is: A person who thinks too much about Women’s clothing will use a mini Skirt as a metaphor. In addition, it obvious that the thought of gotras contradicts BJP’s own slogan — “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas”.

Actually, the said poster was a clever tactic to keep attacking Kejriwal, whatever way it be. Kejriwal cleverly rebounded the attack on to the BJP.