Kejriwal’s AAP Has To slash electricity Rates on its Own

Promising prospective voters Electricity is one thing; Promising them a cut in electricity rates is entirely another.

The two promises can’t be seen as equal. You can’t say: So and so party is promising electricity from the last thirty years, but never delivering it.

After all, providing electricity depends on electricity availability and infrastructure. If there’s no supply (or power generation), no one can give it. As it’s not there.

But there’s an innocent side to this promise. Since humans are optimists by heart, any such promise can be seen as the promisor’s desire to improve his constituency.

Promising a cut on electricity rates is a different promise altogether. It’s different as now you’re encroaching into the pricing domain of a commodity. What is interesting here is that you’re not only encroaching the pricing side of the commerce, but you’re also taking the consumer (the voter) with you. Here, you’re going many steps forward. You’re not only assuming the availability of electricity, but that too at a reduced price. Which is kind of weird thing to do, as price of something is not solely determined by the consumer.

Under this light, when AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) promised 50 percent cut in the electricity prices; it committed a not so innocent act. If you promise to provide electricity for free, or waive outstanding electricity bills, anyone can vote for you; but you will also have to think, how you’re going to meet that promise, once you’re in power.

Electricity in India, even at the current rates is much subsidised. Cutting that price to half needs more than just a good heart. 

BJP also promised a 30 percent cut in electricity rates; but fortunately it didn’t win the seats solely on that promise.

Congress led by Sheila Dixit, never promised the electricity price slash, as its CM candidate found the demand impractical.

It’s illogical for AAP to throw the burden on to Congress now. Even if the party supports AAP from outside, it’s not morally bound to carry out AAP’s 50 percent price cut promise. It’s AAP which made that promise, hence it must take the sole responsibility of meeting it.