Kejriwal’s Helpline Number Against Corruption: 27357169

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal today launched for Delhi the Helpline Number against corruption. The Helpline Number Against Corruption doe Delhi-ites is 27357169 .

anti Corruption helpline for Delhi, 011- 27357169

How the Delhi’s Helpline against Corruption will work :

Any Delhiite who is asked for a bribe, can call on this number and inform the help desk the lcoation and time where he/she wants to get the guilty public officer apprehended. The Help desk will convey that information to the police and the relevant enforcement agency and the guilty public servant will be apprehended red handed.

The Delhi-ite can even submit the audio, video clip of some corrupt practice. For this all he/she has to do is call the Helpline number against corruption: 011-27357169, and inform the help desk of such material.

The help-line number will be functional from 8 am to 10 pm during the day.