Khloe Kardashian loses 10 pounds in 4 months

Khloe Kardashian loses 10 pounds in 4 months. How?

Khloe Kardashian, the sister of celebrity Kim Kardashian, has revealed that she lost 10 pounds through Exercise. Dropping down to a size eight in about four months; the reality star seems quite happy with the weight loss she has achieved [May be the feeling of satisfaction is coming from the feel good hormones in her body as a result of regular exercise].

Notably, the stimuli for hitting the treadmill, came from Khloe’s mum Kris Jenner; who criticized her for eating cookies when she is heavily associated with Quick Trim weight-loss supplement.

After losing ten pounds, the 5ft 10 star, also revealed that she has also learned moderation. By her own admission, she is working out and eating well. She has turned to cardio exercise, drank lots of water and ate smaller portions.

According to a person close to her, Khloe’s new look is purely for herself.


Weight loss is an endeavor, which demands more control on one’s body and mind; than anything else. Exercise may appear old-fashioned, but it works as it gives a person more control on his/her body and mind. It builds conviction. In addition, the feel good chemicals shot into the blood stream as a result of exercise/activity; puts the person in a frame where desperation to shed pounds transforms into healthy optimism.

Khloe’s 10 pounds in 4 months may appear small to some; especially those who are always searching for some magic diet or concoction; but remember, in weight loss – slow and steady wins the race. Just having faith that eating healthy in right quantities and at right time, regular exercise and adequate rest n sleep, will make you lose weight and get back to your normal weight will work.