Khushwant Singh’s views on Religion | New Book


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Khushwant Singh lived long. What was amazing was that till his end , he kept writing and his brain remained sharp as ever. His fans can read anything he scribbles. Whether it be on poetry, politics, gossip or religion. In one of his Weekly Series, he once advocated that all people must be buried and not cremated. Why? As that saves a lot of wood. He himself shared the desire to be buried somewhere around the Bahai Temple. Throughout his life, he was opposed to saffron brigades. Something which remained unchanged till his death.

A new book has arrived, which is about his thoughts on Religion. Titled, Religion (Here), by Khushwant Singh, the book appears to be the compilation of articles on religion, which he wrote over the years. The book is surely a treat for every Khushwant Singh fan. Including I.