kiran Bedi made to accept Delhi Elections Defeat… Before Defeat

Kiran Bedi accepts Defeat in Delhi Assembly Elections, before defeat itself. What may be reason?

Just minutes after voting ended for Delhi Assembly elections 2015, kiran Bedi did a press Conference and thoroughly took responsibility of the defeat. That too even before the actual defeat, days prior to it materialising in real.Various News Channels are attributing this as Kiran Bedi’s inexperience as a politician. They say: She must have at least waited for the Delhi elections result.

Is it really her inexperience? When she was surrounded by a truckload of BJP leaders. In addition, how is it possible that a party known for its discreet poll planning, allowed its CM candidate to accept defeat even before the real defeat? It appears more like a case of scapegoat or sacrifice.

In case, the exit polls are presenting a true indication to the reality, then Kiran Bedi is made to accept the responsibility of the defeat. So that the people on whose reputation BJP went to election, escape unblemished by the stain of defeat.

Kiran Bedi arrived at the Delhi election 2015 scene quite late. She was one of the many ploys, BJP thought will swing votes to its favor and in the event of a defeat, give it someone to take the responsibility. Kiran Bedi showed some inexperience in understanding this hidden ploy. Or she being an admirer of BJP and Modi right since her AAP Days, chose to sacrifice herself for her idol and ideology. A sacrifice which will save the BJP’s Top leadership and undefeated Poll planners.

Talking about ploys, BJP tried its best to swing the tide in its favor until the last day of campaigning. When it tried to swing the majority vote in its favour, by rattling the issue of Delhi’s Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam lending support to AAP. It must be said that in the last one year, AAP has emerged as a more politically intelligent entity. The moment BJP tried to polarise the issue, AAP’s top leaders totally rejected Shahi Imam’s offer to support AAP.

To conclude, post voting, Kiran Bedi looked very different from what she usually looks and behaves.