KPS Gill’s Biography gives Clean Chit To Modi

A new book, titled ‘KPS Gill The Paramount Cop‘ by Rahul Chandan, has courted some controversy. The controversy emanates from some of former IPS officer KPS Gill’s quotes used in the book. These quotes in a way give clean chit to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in connection to Gujarat communal riots of 2002.

The Book, which is a biography of Gill, quotes Gill, who was security adviser to Narendra Modi in 2002, as saying the following:

“Gujarat riots took place as the Gujarat Police was divided on communal lines”,

“From my first-hand experience of Gujarat situation, I can say with conviction that Gujarat riots were not the failure of Mr Narendra Modi; instead it was the failure of Gujarat cops as well as the intentions of the neighbouring states which had then denied forces to Gujarat when the riots started,”

“I found the police force unequal to the challenge; majority of the policemen themselves had become communal in their duty as they were enraged with the killings of so many kar sevaks (fellow Hindus) at the hands of Muslims in Godhra,”

“Similar was the condition of the civil administration. Since Mr Modi had become the CM only a few months back, the administration and the police force were not in his proper grip and it takes time to develop such a grip… I found that in the previous two months Mr Modi had made all efforts to stop riots, he had called in the Army with swiftness, he sought forces from the neighbouring states and the Centre.”

The book was launched on Thursday, and is already out of stock at online retailers.

kps gill advisor modi, gujarat riots 2002,  KPS Gill Biography, clean chit Modi,  Rahul Chandan kps gill biography,#CleanChitToModiYou can’t win an argument every time Everywhere

I will not question the suitability/neutrality of the opinions of a former Advisor to Modi. That you judge by yourself. What I want to make is another point. The point which primarily says: You can’t win an argument everywhere every time.

If KPS Gill says, the Gujarat riots were a Police failure and not the failure of Narendra Modi, then we must concede to the widely held perception that Indian Police (state police forces included) needs a big constitution change. And a mere 4-7 percent of Muslims in Indian police forces makes the force automatically biased towards muslims. Particularity when they have to maintain law and order during communal riots. If the Police failure is seen from insufficient Police personnel point of view, then the claim made in the book becomes even more absurd.

Now, if we argue this inference as misplaced, and see our police force professional enough to perform their duty without being divided on communal lines; then we must look for the motivation which resulted in the police failure in Gujarat riots and elsewhere. And this motivation can be political, communal. So KPS Gill giving clean chit to Modi is much controversial, and questionable. And finally, since it is a biography, hence the author’s claims & motivations must be questioned as well.


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Rahul Chandan studied Masters in International. Business at Delhi School of Economics and started his careeras a Manager with The State Trading Corporation of India, the International Trading Arm of Government of India. He later taught International Trade at Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics and subsequently at Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. During his stint with Sri Ram College, he also taught ‘Leadership and Management’ to post-graduate students of Management.  Currently he is Assistant General Manager with Food Corporation of India.