Kushaal in Bigg Boss 7 has a Strange Name!

In the movie Khosla Ka Ghosla, the IT professional son, played by Praveen Dabas, tells his father that he wants to go for a name change. When the father, played by Anupam Kher, questions what is wrong with his present name, the son replies: You look Kamal Kishore Khosla from every angle; but do I look like Chironji Lal Khosla? In the end, we see the son actually changing his name to ‘Chirag Khosla’.

Name has certain importance in our lives. Shakespeare may have said “What’s in the Name”, but name does matter in our lives. The name not only gives us motivation to achieve greatness in life, it also adds sexiness to our personalities (there’re are plenty of apps on web which rate your name on its sexiness, in the same ways we humans do).

Numerology, a discipline which sees every aspect of human life by way of numbers, gives great importance to the name. In numerology, the number equivalent of your name must be in tandem with other numbers associated with your life. Numerology is not as popular as horoscope, but it’s surely in in vogue. Especially among the celebrities. Celebrities, who often see ups and downs in their lives; and who are more ambitious than the common man, do consult nuemrologists to get their names in line with the Universe (their personal universe and beyond). As a result you often see strangely spelled celebrity names.

Take for instance Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. You may have spelt it ‘Rakesh’.

Or Avinay. In this particular case, a young couple added an extra ‘A’ to their son’s name. Earlier he was Vinay, now with an extra A, his name started meaning opposite of Vinay (in Hindi, when in You add an extra ‘a’ to a word it makes it opposite in meaning). Hope this couple doesn’t complain their son’s rowdy behaviour.

In Bigg Boss 7 house, there’s one ‘Kushaal’. He’s a Mr. India title holder. Now Kushal means skilled. What does Kushaal mean? Well nothing. It’s also a case of an additional alphabet added on some numerologist’s recommendation.

Earlier actor Apoorv Agnihotri was called Apoorv. In Bigg Boss 7 house, he’s ‘Apoorva’. Has his wife married a ‘She’? In India, Hindu names follow a simple principle. Add an ‘Aa ki matra’ at the end of a name; and the name becomes that of a girl. Examples are: Amit and Amita, Sumit and Sumita etc.

God bless these ambitious, optimist human beings.

Many among us will see this name tweaking as superstition. It may or it may not be. What is noteworthy here is the ambition. People who go to that length, are normally ambitious and want to achieve something great in life. Whether you as an individual want to go that length on something which can’t be substantiated, is an altogether different thing. After all, most people do live their entire lives with the Birth name and many of these become great too.