L K Advani was always a secular by Heart

In politics everything is relative. LK Advani who was seen as a Hinduttva personality his entire political career, suddenly became secular when compared to Narendra Modi — A candidate who will not be able to polarize the voters as much as Modi.

lk advaniAdvani may have played the lead role in demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya; but if you analyse the various uttering and muttering of Advani in recent years, it appeared that deep inside his heart, he’s a secular human being. The secular part of Advani remained latent all these years, as he wanted the BJP to come to Power. His much controversial statement calling Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan, as a secular figure, was one of those few moments when Advani let his secular part free.

It’s amazing how long one’s worldly goals and aspirations, suppress the real human being deep inside. Advani, like anyone who acts contrary to his/her real self, believes that what ever he/she has done contrary his/her real self will be rectified, the moment he reaches his ultimate goal. Unfortunately, very few are fortunate enough to get that opportunity. LK Advaniji is currently experiencing the same haplessness.

Advaniji’s entire life is a lesson for anyone who assumes that things can be set right once the final goal is reached. Actually things can’t be rectified all the time. This is a lesson for Narendra Modi as well.