Lalit Gate and Sushma Swaraj’s Brilliant Emotional Reply!

The pandemonium in Indian Parliament continued on Wednesday, August 12 2015; that too when the Lok Sabha Speaker allowed the Opposition’s demand for a debate on the floor of the House on the role of Foreign Minister Ms Sushma  Swaraj in Lalit Gate (the scandal where the Foreign Minister is accused of using her position to help Lalit Modi)

Did Sushma Swaraj answered all the accusations leveled at her?

No, she simply counter attacked the opposition.

Even after speaking for an hour; all the viewer saw was a foreign Minister at her emotional Best.

Instead of answering the questions raised by the opposition and the media, she kept saying everything under the Sun except answering the questions put to her.

In short, Ms Swaraj was at her emotional and aggressive best. And unfortunately, the acts she is accused of remained unanswered.

For instance, She can’t gave satisfactory answers to:

Why she helping Lalit Modi, when her husband and daughter are in Modi’s employment, doesn’t amount to conflict of interest? And why that can’t be a ground for resignation? 

Why the country should see her helping Lalit Modi as an entirely Humane decision? When her husband and daughter are in paid employment of Lalit Modi.

When Lalit Modi is such a controversial figure, why the Foreign Minister didn’t think twice before going out of her way to help Modi?

If her daughter was 9th Junior Lawyer in Lalit Modi’s legal team, and by her own admission, no employer pays even a single penny to a lawyer that junior; then why did Arun Jaitley made a comment that “Unfortunately, there are still many children in this country, who need to work to earn their bread and butter”?  From Ms. Swaraj’s words, it appears that her daughter is doing philanthropy, just as she does.

If the Government is undertaking investigation in the impropriety leveled against the minister (after the clean chit, it can be assumed that no such investigation is taking place); then how the transparent investigation will take place when the person is still holding the post?

At the end of the debate, the Government hastily gave a clean chit to the Minister.

This when Mr. Arun Jaitley himself accepted that Mr. Modi had a criminal case in Chennai since 2012. He tried to make the fact trivial by saying that the case was not pursued. The structure of Mr. Jaitley’s statement is of interest here. All the legal intricacies which he put on the floor of the house were conveyed in English language, including the acceptance of the fact that Modi has a criminal case pending against him; but the part where he attacked the Gandhi family was in Hindi. It clearly shows, what was for the Nation; majority of which is Hindi speaking.

I think there’s no use now questioning PM’s absence from Lok Sabha yesterday. As, ever since he became the Prime Minister, he has become even more silent than former PM Manmohan Singh. Even if he had been in Parliament yesterday, he would have used the same words such as Quattrocchhi, Bofors, Anderson etc. Ideally, if the Nation wants to go ahead, then raising Dynasty, Quattrocchhi, Bofors, Anderson etc. in 2015 will not do us any good. Non-Congress and BJP Governments have come to power a third of the time since 1984; and no one either pursued or investigated or managed to convict either the Gandhi family or any other person.  That apart, if public perception and public anger, is what a politician must fear about; then all these cases not only saw resignations but also toppling over of Governments. It was public perception, which reduced Congress to 40+ seats in the last General Elections. Hence if every question the media or the opposition raises in 2015, gets the same rhetorical answers taking substance from incidents that took place in the last century, then policies and acts harming people’s interests will be passed by the legislators. As opposing voices will be made silent by counter aggression.

… to conclude, a couple of days ago, the Corporate and the Institutions such as FICCI started showing their displeasure at delay in passing the GST Bill. Earlier they wanted the land bill to get passed quickly. What is the haste?

It must be remembered that, only when the opposition, struck its feet, in Government’s plan to pass the land bill quickly; the Nation got to know how anti-farmer or Pro-Big-Businesses the bill was.

The same applies to GST. If the bill is passed in a haste, then discreet points about the bill will get overlooked. After all, big industrialists vouching for the GST to get passed, should be a Caution flag for any citizen. As many experts are of the opinion that GST will help Big businesses and there will be price rise across all commodities. No common man wants price rise.

Last year when the Modi Government came to power, Pepsi Co. Chairman and CEO, Indira Nooyi said in an interview that the new Government is good for the Nation. To this day, big businessmen keep vouching for the Modi Government. If business is all about profit and self-interest, then isn’t it fair to question their optimism?

To conclude, in an interview in 2012, Mr. Arun Jaitley, when questioned about the continued stalemate in the parliament, said : …in a parliamentary democracy even obstruction is a legitimate weapon.

The same applies today, if opposition’s voice is crushed through counter attacks of plain rhetorical nature (digressing from the main topic) and no substance, then the biggest loser will be the common man.