After Dell, LAPCARE CROP also targets college, university students

The Dell Achievement Anthem – I Can Do Kuch Bhi is airing on Indian Television for some time now. You may like or don’t like such anthems. But you can’t refute one thing: That gadget making companies are increasingly addressing and targeting the youngistan (18-28 year Olds). The the most dynamic market segment, the college and university students. And rightly so, after all this demography is the one which never shies away from testing new gadgets. They are not very much differentiating between Indian and foreign brands. That’s why when Dell, a US Company, says that these youngsters can do kuchh bhi, it has research to think so.

Premium accessories and peripheral maker LAPCARE has launched a an ambitious and innovative program, LAPCARE CROP (Colleges Reach out Program) with a slew of synergistic and well aligned digital lifestyle products for college students. The goal is to target the ambitious and innovative go-to-market approach for the most dynamic market segment, the college and university students. With the CROP (Colleges Reach Out Program) the company aims to propel LAPCARE in the forefront of digital lifestyle players. You can see this Lapcare’s attempt to reposition itself as a brand for this most go-get demography.

The words of Sandeep Popli, COO at LAPCARE India, on the launch event, sums it up,

“The college and university students represent one of the largest homogeneous market segment in India, and this segment demands quality products at affordable price points. LAPCARE CROP is a well-intentioned yet ambitious program to address this market need.”

The words are quite right, in today’s digital age, a whole lot of learning and e-learning experience needs a gamut of digital products around a PC/laptop. And the most active mobile or PC users , are also the ones who need most accessories.

LAPCARE CROP will offer Adapter, Back Packs, Battery, Carry Case, Keypad Of Laptop, Lapcare Air Station, Lapcare Fusion, Lapcare Ipad Stand With Lock, Lapcare Keyboards, Lapcare Mouse, Lapcare Multifunctional Laptop Stand, Lapcare Universal Adapter 40w, Mini Dock, Notebook Security Locks, Power Bank, Power Inverter, Screen Cleaner, Screens, Speakers, Trolley, Universal Plug Kit and Waterproof Case to college students at very attractive prices and in multiple packaged deals.

Sandeep Popli adds further,

“We are absolutely positive about the response this program will get from the students. And we hope we are able to roll it out quickly across medium and smaller cities and towns across India soon.”

Be ready to witness more than gadget advertisements focussing on this demography. As this young brigade is not only buying stuff for self, but has the final say on the gadget or tech purchases for other family members.