LAPCARE Universal Power Plug with USB launched at Rs 999

LAPCARE Advanced Universal Charger with USB Port for Frequent International Travellers. One solution to charge Mobile Phones, Tablets, Music Players, Gaming Consoles etc. Universal Plug options . Allows devices to charge at the same time with in-built USB slot.

LAPCARE,  a maker of laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium laptop brands, today announced the launch of upgraded Universal power plug adaptor for frequent international travellers. Travellers who are often pissed off by the incompatible plug or socket for a charger in a foreign location.

The Universal Power Plug with USB offers additional feature of a USB port slot. It’s light weight, easy to carry and a perfect one-size-fits-all solution is compatible charger for all digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, music players, and gaming consoles.

Lapcare Universal Power Plug with USB Pic 2On the eve of the launch, Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head at LAPCARE India said,

Driven by the encouraging success in laptop accessories, we have added an innovative Universal Power plug along with USB port to our Mobility range. This charger allows the consumer to charge from a wide variety of sources. With this level of flexibility, consumers may never have to own a device with a dedicated charger again.“She further added, “Its advance technology automatically senses the charging requirements of any device plugged into it, and adopts itself to the device. The result is a single, truly universal 550Watt charger that provides optimum charging for all your devices.

By supporting a broad range of USB chargers, Lapcare offers frequent travellers a ”virtually universal” charging convenience. Till the time, various device makers agree to the idea of a Universal charger; the Universal Power Plug with USB is the best option available. Every mobile phone user will get benefit from this new universal charging solution with USB port, which enables the same charger to be used for all future handsets and other gadgets, regardless of make and model. With this new standard device, users will be able to charge their device anywhere in the world. Moreover, it can be used in more than 150 countries and it also reduces the energy consumption.

This Universal charger is very elegant, which means , you will not need to hide it behind a cabinet, and is handy and easy to use and connect.


  • Smart profile auto charger for all devices including USB devices such as smartphones, tablet, gaming consoles and music players
  • Automatically senses the charging requirements of almost any device plugged into it.
  • Delivers up to 550 watts of charging power to devices
  • USB type socket works with the device’s USB charging cable
  • Comes with 4 types of PIN
Lapcare Universal Power Plug with USB Pic 1

Price, warranty and availability

The Universal Power Plug with USB is priced at Rs 999 and comes with a warranty period of one year. By registering the buyer gets benefit of extended 1 month warranty.